Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

The Bridge Safety cash code is restricted to safety eyewear purchases and must be used in accordance to redemption instructions. Cash code can be printed and used as payment tender at any participating location. Bridge Safety cash codes can only be used to purchase Rx safety glasses.

There is no waiting period to enroll in Bridge Safety. You can place an order immediately, and once your payment is processed, the restricted cash code will appear in your account.

If an employee leaves your organization or does not use their Bridge Safety benefit, you can cancel the restricted cash code assigned to the employee. The funds will then be converted to credits, which can be used toward future orders.

You can add new members and order a new Bridge Safety restricted cash code at any time.

When you order a new Bridge Safety restricted cash code, you can choose to send assigned cash codes via email, text, or mail.

Find Locations online. Your employee can search for a provider by name, location, proximity, hours of operation, or services offered.

You can choose to offer eye exams and/or prescription safety glasses. Bridge Safety restricted cash codes can only be used to purchase the designated products and services.

Any remaining balance on a Bridge Safety restricted cash code will be converted to credits, which can be used toward future orders.

By default, restricted cash codes will expire 12 months after the activation date.

We accept ACH/electronic check and credit card payments.

This small fee provides unlimited access to Bridge Safety customer support, as well as exclusive offers and pricing for Bridge Safety members. Also included with your membership is a comprehensive reporting suite for your company’s safety program. Bridge Safety automatically tracks all purchase and usage history for your account.

No. Our state-of-the-art technology limits purchases to the SKU of approved products. Your employees will only be able to purchase the products and services you have pre-approved.

Bridge Safety automatically tracks:

  • Company purchase history
  • Individual cash code usage, including transaction details like date of redemption, purchase amount, etc.
  • Credit transfer history

You can can also filter data.

You can set your budget for the month, quarter, or year by ordering credits in advance. Then you can issue new restricted cash codes on demand.

Your prescription Safety glasses may be purchased at Sam’s Club and Walmart.